Production: Blackburrow Creative
Client: Helix Architecture + Design
Year: 2018
Drone Pilot: Sean Joseph
Gaffer: Sean East

Highlight piece for a local Kansas City Architecture and design company. Originally this was to be aerials only, to highlight the structure, once I learned they had a full 3d-printed model of the building I knew it needed to be incorporated somehow. Using the aerial footage I filmed as a guide, we lit the model with a fresnel light to imitate the sun. Once we knew what camera move we were after, we used floppy cutters to have an all black background behind the model. To capture 10-bit footage we output from a GH4 to an Atomos Assassin monitor. The GH4 being micro 4/3 helped in this case as the aerials were all filmed with an Inspire2 X5s, which is also a micro 4/3 sensor. To help emulate the aerial moves the GH4 was balanced on a RoninMX and then mounted underslung to a dana dolly.

// BTS