Figuring stuff out

Tricky visual effects shot with a time crunch? Let's figure it out. Need to put a Black Arm on a camera car and film a person running @ 1kfps, let's do it. Having been on a variety of sets and being familiar with high-end post-production workflows grants a library of knowledge that helps us figure it out.


I'm sorry, where'd you say crafty is?

I can feel at home on large film/commercial productions, as well as small tight-knit run and gun shoots. Whether I'm on as a DP or helping out as a 1st AC, I will do what I can to make sure we have a smooth and high quality shoot.


Tracking mark placing ninja

On-set VFX Sup experience along with 10 years of 'on the box' experience. This includes modeling, texturing, character animation, roto, paintout, set extensions, FX TD, compositing and color grading.