About the Project:
A woman arrives home, only to find she’s not the only one.
Year: 2017
Production: Blackburrow Creative

Director | Writer: Sean Joseph
Talent: Amaris Kirby
DOP: Christopher Commons
Coordinator | Script Supervisor: Lydia Anderson
Assistant Camera: Sean East
H&M: Liz Schiller
Sound Design: C.J. Drumeller

This was a tough project to get filmed. It was entirely based on snow which is crucial to the story, unfortunately when the time came to film this, all our local snow had melted. To resolve our location snow issue I moved production to Minnesota where they were about to have a huge snow storm. With the promise of 6″ of snow the entire crew drove 7hrs to location. The drive up was a roller coaster of emotion, there would be half a foot of snow on the ground, then none, then more snow. To our disappointment Minnesota had a freak heat wave the day after the snow storm and our location snow completely melted as well. The two options were to either scrap the shoot completely, or roll with it and I would add vfx snow in after the fact. We rolled with it.

Almost all the exterior shots had to be cut, but considering the circumstances, we still managed to pull together and get something filmed. We also drove around town until we found some snow that survived the day in the shade and packed it up in tubs to bring back to location to help set dress and give my inevitable vfx a crutch to stand on.

As this entire short was being filmed in one night in a remote location I put together an animatic so everyone would be on the same page and we could easily visualize the story. This provided crucial when we cut almost all exteriors as we could still easily visualize the key shots still needed to throw a story together.

// Animatic

// BTS